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7/30/2014 3:10 PM
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Destiny's Story

Her story seems like it should be on Oprah or 60 Minutes, at the very least her photo flashing momentarily on one of those sad commercials playing Sarah Mclachlan music in the background..

Destiny Oct Sideview

But her destiny wasn't national fame....


It was being put to sleep at the end of the day.




September 30th.

Destiny was just hours away from death.  Even if she wasn't scheduled to be put to sleep that afternoon, she didnt have much time left at all.

In the last stages of starvation, eaten up with mange, covered in yeast and barely able to walk, Destiny, had no chance at all...

It just so happened that Lavonne (Proverbs Director/Founder) was at that same shelter, pulling a few other dogs off of the death list that day.  While walking by her kennel she saw this animal and the horrible condition she was in.  

They made eye contact, Destiny's tail wagged a little bit...

"I was her last and only hope.  I had tears running down my face as I carried her to my car."

She was taken to Cornerstone Animal Hospital, where Dr. B treated her for the mange, yeast, and after some testing, heartworm too.  The staff at Cornerstone started the task of bringing her back to health to prepare her for all the medical procedures she would need in the near future.  They noticed that her hind leg was injured badly in the past and was now completely useless.  For now though, it would have to wait until she was in better overall condition.

Over the next few weeks the staff at Cornerstone soon fell victim to Destiny's charm.

"All of Cornerstone loved her.  I even caught the doctor sitting in her run hand feeding her while baby talking to her."

Destiny's rescuer knew her first goal had been met...  

"She now knew there were good, kind people out there and her fear was gone." 



She was released from Cornerstone on October 29th and placed with one of our foster parents.

Since then she has had 8 teeth removed, more skin treatments, and unfortunately lost her leg.  It was amputated as the old injury was causing her a large amount of pain.

 The good news?...

She recovered from the amputation ahead of schedule and her spirit is stronger than ever!  

Destiny Jan 15

It seems that every person who has met Destiny falls in love.  Her sweet face, loving personality and outright will to live is amazing.  It's been joked about many times that her name should be changed to "Inspiration".

a happy ending...a local couple adopted Destiny after hearing her story. They met her, fell in love and Destiny is now living the life she so deserves!!



Destiny's amazing story is just one out of hundreds every year that Proverbs 12:10 makes happen.  

It only happens because of generous animal lovers like yourself - volunteering, fostering, donating, fundraising and bringing awareness to our cause.  

The total cost of Destiny's road back to health and happiness was in excess of $3,000 and this is only one of the many that we have been able to save thanks to you.




We want to give a special thanks to Cornerstone Animal Hospital for their loving effort and care that was provided for Destiny.  

You can donate at Cornerstone Animal Hospital in Dickson in Proverbs 12:10 name to help with the medical care they provide.  





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