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Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue's mission is to provide shelter and loving care for animals who have been abused, abandoned, owner surrendered or otherwise destined to be euthanized due to over-crowded shelter conditions.  At no time shall they be euthanized due to time constraints, medical need or other issues. Through the use of foster homes, Proverbs will provide loving care for our animals.  This includes veterinary care, food and any other necessity until responsible, loving homes can be found for all adoptable pets. All animals shall be spayed or neutered and we will make every effort to encourage those we encounter to do the same.  

About Us 

Proverbs 12:10 Board of Directors


Lavonne Redferrin, Founder and Director

Savannah Redferrin, Co-founder

Debbie Matthews

Brooke Orgain

Christa Ellis

Irene Williams

Gina Winfree

Tori Heil


Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue, A nonprofit 501(c)(3)organization, was founded by Lavonne Redferrin. She has quite a story to tell and you can read all about it in a book that was written by Romy A. Maimon - more information may be found below... 

Our all volunteer staff is dedicated to saving the lives of as many animals as possible and placing them in loving homes. 

 Proverbs 12:10 placed over 650 pets a year into forever homes since 2009 and averaged 500 placements a year for the previous five years.  That is only a drop in the bucket, but for the animals that have been spared, "it is a very important drop".


 Although there are sad endings - we see so many more HAPPY ENDINGS. We have dedicated our SUCCESSFUL ADOPTIONS and HAPPY TAILS pages to these happy endings and invite you to read their stories.



Our animals are 'TRUE' rescues. They are found in the middle of a road in a plastic bag or blanket or wandering alongside the road desperate to be rescued and fed.   They are surrendered from owners who are no longer able take care for them or no longer want them. They come from "breeders" or "puppy mills" when they are no longer useful. We accepted 28 animals surrendered to a local shelter by a “hoarder”.  While this was only a fraction of the animals surrendered, we took in many of those refused by other shelters because they were found to have heartworms or other medical needs and would require extensive medical treatment to survive. 

 One mother we rescued from a kill shelter had recently given birth to 10 puppies which were euthanized before we arrived. She was grieving and starving herself.  We rescued her and found a local vet caring for puppies with no mom.  She was able to nurse for a while and was then placed in our foster care program with a very loving family who provided one-on-one attention until we were able to find her a permanent home.  

We even respond to calls and crawled under a trailer infested with poisonous spiders to rescue three puppies.  Many of these rescues require immediate trips to the vet, food, medicated baths, deworming, de-ticking, delousing, and shots. When we pull a pet from a kill-shelter and find it has a virus or infection, we will take care of it's medical needs before placing it for adoption.   We accept animals regardless of, and in many cases because of, it’s need for medical attention as we know we are one of the few rescues that will provide the necessary care and attention needed.




lavonnes birthday
Lavonne has been an animal lover from childhood. She grew up in a small rural hometown. Her story begins..."I was the second born child of older parents and as a child spent hours a day around animals. My small rural hometown, like many today, had unwanted "disposable" animals, many of whom I would sneak onto or farm. While most children play with their siblings, my sister and I, being over 11 years apart, were both like only children. By the time I was seven my sister was in college. I spent most of my time with my grandmother, great aunt, and parents. My playmates were often furry residents of our farm. My mother was always compassionate and caring for animals as well. This was the recipe for the end product - ME. I jokingly say I should have been "Mrs. Noah". I am certain the ark would have felt like home to me."

Lavonne's story may be found in the book outlined below.

ISBN-10: 0741436426
ISBN-13: 978-0741436429

Product Description
Animal Lovers is a look into the little known world of animal rescue straight from those that have devoted their life and time to the cause. You will meet individuals from each of the United States who share their life, experiences, thoughts, views and wisdom in the hope that it may open the minds and hearts of society and thus lead to change for us all.

About the Author
This is Romy Maimon's first book and is a project of love, hope and education for all. She was born in 1968 with an artist's mind and soul but found her true calling the first time she was given the chance to help a needy animal and knew she needed to do more for the cause. As a kidney transplant patient and an interested observer of human nature, various causes and societal issues, she has plans of adding a few more books of this style in the future. You can reach her at