What is Foster Care?

Foster care is accepting the pet into your family and providing a loving caring environment. While we prefer fosters who can provide a stable environment for each pet until it is adopted into it's forever home, we rely on fosters who will commit to at least one week. It is also an alternative for those animal lovers who cannot make a long-term commitment to a pet, but would still like to help homeless pets in need. 

Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue provides all medical care, and when necessary the basic needs for your foster care including food, bowls, crate, and litter when available.

We hold Adoption Day at the Bellevue Petco every Saturday, and ask that you bring the pet by 11:00 am. While it is not required that the pet be at Adoption Day every Saturday, the more exposure the more likely of finding a permanent home for the pet. If the pet is not adopted, and providing you can continue to foster, pick-up time is 1:30 pm.

We do require fosters to complete the regular adoption application and go through the review process as many fosters decide to adopt at one time or another and this ensures that all approvals are in place before you fall in love.